"Healing is not about searching for perfection, it is about finding proportion."

- Coen Jacobs



The Golden Ratio is a mathematical ratio commonly found in nature, geometry, art, architecture and other areas. It has inspired thinkers of all disciplines and is now also the design of my private practice. Based on this ancient formula, therapy is about finding the proportions instead of perfections. It allows you to see your path not as a straight line, but as a spiral in which you continuously come back to things you thought you understood and helps you to find deeper truths.


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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy or counselling involves a process through which clients work one-on-one with a psychologist to explore their feelings, beliefs or behaviours.


Parental Guidance ​

Parental guidance is a space where your child is thought about together and where you are provided with parenting approaches and skills to help your child.


Group Therapy

Group therapy offers you a space where you can relate to others who often have similar challenges or feelings.


Family Therapy​

The goal of family therapy is to reduce distress and conflict and to improve communication, relationships and support. 



A psychological assessment is a process through which a psychologist evaluates a client’s psychological, emotional, and behavioural well-being through clinical interviews, observations and formal testing.


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